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 Re: Connecting to LunaheliosMS

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PostSubject: Re: Connecting to LunaheliosMS   Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:35 pm

This post if for people who do not know how to connect to LunaheliosMS

1. Download hamachi from and click windows
The picture looks lyk this
the picture was not taken by me so it's not the same.. (taken from internet photobucket) but
the buttons are same..

2. In Hamachi, u nid to join a network and the button is located at the bottom left of the hamachi.
P.S its join an existing network, not creating a new network.
The network name will be Lunahelios ms and password is 123. Take note of the spelling as it
must be the same with or without caps

3. Download Mapleglobal v.55 and lunaheliosMS localhost + .bat from DOWNLOAD link on FORUM.
4. Using WinRAR, extract the localhost and bat file into your Mapleglobal file which is mostly found
in ur C:drive.

5. Double click your .bat file, you must make sure that under hamachi Houra is online and if it doesn't
work you gotta try it a few times. If really cannot can right-click me (Emolove) or Houra and use
the chat button to chat with us concerning your problem.

6. If your Maple Works, u can create your acc using the link from Administration Link which is the
first link on forums.

7. Tada, SPAM PLAY!! Wakakkas. Please take note of DonationsMenu in Administration Link for donation items. Well, Have fun..

P.S i din have fun typing this.. ><

m~vꙆ is my Nickname.! ^^
And i love being Emo
Will u be Emo wif me.? TT
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Re: Connecting to LunaheliosMS
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